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Chlamydia Test

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You can get checked for a variety of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We also provide several combination options to help you get tested for multiple infections from one sample. For our whole range of tests, please visit our tests page.

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Do I need to be tested for Chlamydia?

Looking after your sexual health has never been easier. With tests available to buy online there is no need for the embarrassment of a visit to the GUM clinic or your GP. You can be tested confidentially and quickly from the comfort of your own home.

Chlamydia is one of the most common STIs in the UK and affects both men and women. The number of cases of Chlamydia in the UK has risen dramatically over the last decade so, if you are sexually active, it is a good idea to get tested for this infection. Many people infected with Chlamydia do not display any symptoms, which means that often people can be infected for a long time before they are diagnosed. This often happens when complications occur. Left untreated Chlamydia can lead to serious health problems and even infertility.

When should I be tested?

If you think that you have put yourself at risk of contracting Chlamydia by having unprotected sex then you can get tested at any point after exposure.

If however, you decide to get tested before waiting for fourteen days after exposure and you receive a negative result, we will recommend that you get retested after fourteen days have elapsed as it can take this long for the infection to show up in any screen.

How will my test be delivered to me?

  • If you order your chlamydia test by 5 pm, then we will send your kit out to you on the same day.
  • Your chlamydia test can be sent out to you by either first class mail or by Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery, which is guaranteed for the next day by 1.00 pm.

What will the test detect?

The chlamydia test will be able to detect the presence of chlamydia. If you are symptomatic then you should have a wider screen as this test will only detect the presence of chlamydia.

How does the test work?

We will send you your test kit by post. Men need to provide a urine sample and women can provide either a urine sample or use a vaginal swab.

How do I get my results back?

Your results will be posted online on our site and may be accessed using a secure login. Only you will have access to your results, guaranteeing you complete confidentiality and peace of mind. The results are normally available for you to view within 24 hours of your sample arriving at our lab. We also have a fast test option with results in under 4 hours.

Are the results reliable?

The results you receive are extremely reliable. We use The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) in London to process all our tests. TDL is one of the most highly respected pathology laboratories in the country and is fully accredited.

About Chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the most common STIs (sexually transmitted infections) in the United Kingdom and can cause serious health problems if it is left untreated. Often someone who is infected with chlamydia will not display any symptoms so they will not know that they are infected.

Untreated chlamydia infections can lead to fertility problems and pelvic inflammatory disease in women. The infection is easily treated with a short course of antibiotics so, if you have put yourself at risk of contracting chlamydia, it is wise to get checked out.

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