The Importance Of STI Testing

Sexual health testing is important. Home testing for STIs allows the sample to be acquired quickly, returned to the lab for testing, post paid, and with results available to be viewed online within as little as 24 hours. Home testing has a fast turnaround, so a positive result can be treated quickly and a negative result can ease your mind fast. All positive results can be treated with an anti-viral or antibiotic by next-day post. Any treatments are provided free of charge. Test results take between one and four business days; no more waiting weeks for answers.

We are still developing this website. Until we are able to offer online sexual health tests, we recommend using The STI Clinic as this is a reputable website with an accredited London laboratory.

Genital Chlamydia trachomatis is the most commonly diagnosed STI in the United Kingdom. Highest rates are seen in mainly young people aged under 25 years.

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